What's in the Box - Suit Up July

Posted August 1st at 11:53am

Alright Soldiers, Some of you worms may have received your rations in the mail. So now you want to know a little more about what you got in your boxes.


July’s box was themed ‘Suit Up’ and focuses on having the best gear for the battlefield. From the best tech and weapons to the best armour to protect you from those pesky bullets. You’ll also notice that this box contains the most minis we have ever included in our box EVER!

Anvil Industry’s After Life:

One of the first minis you may notice might be Anvil Industry’s Unity Council and Republic minis from their After Life range. We included one soldier from both factions to give you an idea of the basic forces that come in this game. Both miniatures are resin and come on sprues which allows for great conversion and kit-bashing opportunities, one cool thing you will notice is that Anvil Industries also sculpt a few scenic accessories ONTO the sprue which is always great to have!

Below you will see a few pics of the minis you may have received:

About the game:

“Afterlife tells the story of society torn apart by civil war after the collapse of the Unity Council; a monolithic global governing body created almost two hundred years previously to lead humanity toward a bright and peaceful future.

After decades of brutal oppression by its ruling elites, the Unity Council’s authority collapsed in the face of a popular uprising and the secession of dozens of major corporations to form the new Pan Continental Republic.

Now the planet burns. Sprawling hyper-cities, built for a world of prosperity, have become lethal war zones. Corporations, emergent governments, resistance movements and criminal elements engage in an escalating conflict for power, wealth or simply survival.

Earth is a battlefield. What will you fight for?”

Afterlife is our Sci-Fi skirmish game system, supported by an expanding range of extremely high-quality resin miniatures. 

They also include the PDF rules for free on the site which we have included below:


Empress Miniatures:

You would have also included a squad from Empress Miniatures’ Modern Combat range. These minis fit great in most 28mm games revolving around modern combat such as Spectre Miniature’s game of the same name. Below you can see some of the squads we put in our boxes.

CP Models:

We new we wanted to introduce our subscribers to CP models however with such a great range of minis it was difficult to decide which box to feature them in! We decided their Near Future Troopers were perfect for ‘Suit Up’ with their great style and great weapons!

Below you’ll also see the squads we included in our boxes!


You can never have enough paint! So we decided throw in 2 random Vallejo paints to bolster you paint collection!

On a side note this box marks the 1yr anniversary of Model Box! So I’d like to take the time to thank all our subscribers throughout the year who have helped Model Box grow. This is a small company run by 2 hobbyists who wanted to introduce fellow hobbyists to new and exciting companies. As the company grows as well as our subscriber base we aim to make our boxes ore affordable, include more products and continue to introduce hobbyists to so many of the great companies in the industry!


Thanks again,

George & Kay