What's in the Box - September Slam

Posted October 3rd at 9:51am

September’s theme was Slam and focused around the dangerous and entertaining sports in the fantasy worlds of tabletop gaming.

We knew we would be featuring Fantasy Football (as it’s the most popular sport across the land) however we absolutely had to feature fantasy wrestling which has all the villagers talking far and wide.



Rumbleslam is the fantasy wrestling game by TTCombat.


RUMBLESLAM was designed to be a quick and fun game that you can play within an hour and has evolved into so much more. It is fast paced and all players are always active so no one gets bored waiting for their next go.

Battle one on one or team up with a friend to play against a pair of opponents. The more fighters in the ring the more action! Your team of wrestlers must try to eject the opponents team from the ring, something that gets much easier after a successful knockout!”

It’s a game we love to play and knew we had to feature some of they’re great resin miniatures!

We decided to send you all the awesome tag teams which have some absolutely great themes, our favorite are the Dragonbrawlers!

Which one did you get?


When working with resin be sure to give your miniatures a nice bath with warm water and a small amount of Dettol for 1hr to make sure the resin residue is no longer coating the miniature which will make it difficult for your paint to stick to the mini!

As well as Rumbleslam we also chose to send you the awesome mdf site fencing from TT Combat which can be used for railings preventing the audience from getting in to the ring or to create a cage to prevent the wrestlers from getting out! They are of course also great for other games too!

We all know the biggest Fantasy Football Tabletop Game is Games Workshops’ Blood Bowl and the miniatures are amazing however some people like to turn to other miniatures companies for their Fantasy Football miniatures and Greebo Games are one of the best companies for them!

Greebo Games

We chose to include a variety of miniatures from Greebo’s Fantasy Football range and below you can see just a few of the minis you may have received in your Slam Box!

Foundry Paints


We also wanted to get back in touch with Foundry to give you some great paints from across their range to bolster your collection too!

We hope you loved your Slam boxes and look forward to seeing these great minis painted up!!

Feel free to share your painted minis with us by either tagging us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or by sending us your pics via email to info@yourmodelbox.com

See ya next month!