What's in the box ?-Sci-fi September

Posted October 30th at 2:44pm

The Sci-fi September box is in your possession and its out of this world! -Did you see what I did?

We are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us- Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Perhaps this is why we look to the stars. When we look up we see billions of stars and planets with endless possibilities. We wonder what secrets are kept by the infinite quiet of space, and then, we start to dream about space ships. I bet there are some kick ass space ships up there! And whilst I am on the subject of space ships, let’s start talking about the Sci-fi box that landed September.

This box is the best thing I have seen in a little while and is my favourite box so far. Guys, we had such a great time putting it together and I hope you adore it as much as I do. It contains two awesome minis, weathering powder, paints, a fantastic brush and range ruler.

Now I am engaged and I am ready to admit that I am in love with the AMAZING minis you received September. One of your blisters cast in white metal is from Infinity and the other is from Beyond the Gates of Antares two amazing games that I recommend taking a look at, both universes are HUGE.

Manga inspired Infinity has a great programme called the Warcors Programme which helps you connect with experienced players in your local area who will teach you how to play. Once you are an expert you can use ITS (Infinity Tournament System) which is a tournament that people from around the world compete in to win prizes. They are only accepting entrants from Earth right now, but are looking to expand.

Beyond the Gates of Antares is written by 40k author Rick Priestly! How immense it that?! Beyond is also a part of Warlord Games who are responsible for the Judge Dredd and Terminator Genisys games so you know it’s got good genes.

Secret Weapon’s Weathering Pigments were also in the box, in either Violet, Ash Grey or Metallic Iron. Now these are in my opinion one of the best products around for adding battle damage to armour, terrain and vehicles, including, but not limited to space exploration. These products are so easy to use and have such a big pay off! Just add a little to a brush and add as desired.

We also included a Rosemary and co. They are a British based company who have been hand making brushes for 35 years. They have a huge range of brushes for literally any situation. Everyone there is super friendly and work with artists directly so you can be sure to get exactly what you want. The brush that you received is made of Red Sable hair which will need to be rinsed before use to wash off the protective glue. Check them out!

Lastly you also got an awesome TT Combat range ruler and two paints from Vallejo. One blue in celebration of the beautiful blue planet that we call our home that is made up by 71% water, and one metallic because everyone knows that’s the future is chrome dipped.  

Can’t wait to see your progress, don’t forget to post your WIP’s and finished minis. We will be sharing ours too using #yourmodelbox on Instagram, twitter and facebook. All links are below, so peruse at your leisure- you won't regret it!


 To Infinity and Beyond- Buzz Lightyear