What's in the Box - Orctober

Posted November 8th at 2:13pm

We wanted your friends to be green with envy when you received your Model Box last month, so we decided to make it all about those big green mean machines, the Orcs!

That’s right, October was ORCtober for Model Box and we wanted to make it special.

We knew that everyone has a particular preference in terms of style of Orc, you can get them in all shapes and sizes, sci-fi? Fantasy? Armoured? Tribal? So we set about to find the best of both for our subscribers.


The Miniatures

Atlantis Miniatures

“Atlantis Miniatures is a small UK miniature company. Our endeavour for high quality resin miniatures full of character has been made a reality by the support and input from all of our backers during our first Kickstarter Campaign.

Atlantis Miniatures has been on our radar for a while, their orcs are some of the most stunning pieces in the industry. Their unique design gives their Orcs a ferocious yet characterful look to their miniatures and they don’t just stop at Orcs, they currently have a range of stunning Dwarfs, Goblins, trolls and creatures. We wanted to introduce this fantastic company to our Model Boxers as we think they deserve the recognition!

Below you can see some of the variety of minis that might have been in your Model Box


Most hobbyists know Kromlech however we will talk a little about this amazing company.

“Kromlech is a Polish tabletop miniature company, manufacturing and distributing high quality miniatures, accessories and scenery for miniature games in 28mm scale.

Kromlech started in 2008 and have been going strong ever since, they mostly deal with conversion bits for popular wargames however they have some great miniatures in their range and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.

 Below you can see some of the variety of minis that might have been in your Model Box

What else was in the Model Box?

If you know Model Box, you know we almost always feature paints and for Orctober all the paints were…you guessed it, GREEN! We teamed up with Vallejo to bring you 2 bottles of paint which we believe will come in handy when painting your Orcs.

What do Orcs like more than fighting amongst themselves? Fighting others! We included a green Model Box combat gauge to help your charge your enemies and get into that combat phase in style

While It was Orctober we did want to celebrate Halloween with something super special, A limited edition Zombie Hand modelled after our own logo! We were super excited to be able to bring this to our subscribers as we hope to be able to bring limited edition one off minis for our subscribers in the future every month!

Designed by Vae Victis Miniatures and produced by Hysterical Games, this detailed resin mini stands at 32mm and comes supplied with a 32mm round base.

We absolutely love the detail in this mini from the worm crawling out of the flesh to the puss and bone and we know it went down a treat! Be on the look out in the future for more exclusive minis to come from Model Box!