What's in the Box - May Myths & Legends

Posted May 25th at 2:58pm

May is the month of Myths & Legends so expect to find only the most legendary and mythical items in your Model Box!

Dark Fable Miniatures

Dark Fable Miniatures is a British company coming out of Yorkshire. The focus for Dark Fables miniatures are a range of characters from the Ancient Egyptians with a hint of Hollywood added for extra flavour! 

We included 1 of 6 characters in our May box, below are just a few of the variations

Renedra Ltd

Included in this box is also a pack of 8 x 40mm plastic Paved Bases from small family business Renedra Ltd from Cambridgeshire. 

These plastic bases are versatile and can be used for most gaming systems but we thought they would work great with our next item.

Steve Barber Models

Most myths and legends were recorded on pottery so we had to include this set of pots from Steve Barber Models into your Model Box. They would work well on the paved bases also included in this box to create the feel of a busy market. Are you brave enough to attempt some freehand artwork on these tiny pots?

Army Painter

Army Painter are pretty well known so I won't go into detail about them. We've included the tufts from the Battlefield XP series. There are 4 variations of tufts in this month's box: Highland, Wasteland, Woodland and Meadow Flowers....which one did you get?

We also included 2 bottles of Army Painter War Colours (can never have too much paint!)

The Featured Item - Luci Eye Publications

The highlight of this box is from our friends at Lucid Eye Publications and their beautiful Limited Edition of Nuada the High King, the Celtic King of myth.

This version of Nuada the High King is based on the illustration of famous Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is most famous for his two-tone style portrait of Che Guevara (which you most likely have seen printed on t-shirts and posters around the world) and album cover art for bandslike Thin Lizzy and The Darkness to name a few!

The original artwork was created for Fitzpatrick's book on Celtic Myths & Legends titled 'The Book of Conquests' in 1978.

These minis are part of a limited run and are numbered, one lucky member would have also received a sign copy from Jim himself!

I hope you enjoyed the content of May's box. At the time of writing this (25/05/2018) there is still time to sign up to Model Box for June's War 2.0 box which features the 2nd of our Model Box Original themed miniatures of our mascot, Rox the Model Box Fox (checkout our blog on Making a Mascot for more info)

- George