What's in the Box - March Invasion

Posted May 1st at 9:00am

In March we saw an invading force of Model Box sweep across the Planet!

What's In The Box?

The First Wave

The first wave consisted saw a set of Vehicles from TTCombat's Dropzone Commander, the 10mm wargame set in a Universe where Mankind has embarked on an ambitious invasion of the central planets which are held by the Scurge.

Below you'll find just 2 of the possible sets you would have received in your box

The Second Wave

The second wave of the invasion made way for the command forces of Warlord Game's Beyond The Gates of Antares! 

We included 1 of 4 command Squads in your Model Box

We also included a downed ship objective marker along with the Command Squad 

1 of 3 were included in your box

The Final Wave

The Final Wave of Model Box's Invasion was it's Secret Weapon...well Secret Weapon Miniatures to be exact!

We included a bottle of Secret Weapon Miniatures Acrylic Paint and a pot of Weathering Powder to help give your minis the weathered look of an invading force