What's in the Box - Justice November

Posted December 6th at 1:35pm

What's In The Box - Justice

The hobby is dangerous, the tabletop is treacherous and the dice seek Justice.

November’s theme was Justice and to celebrate we included some of the most noble warriors of Justice our hobby had to offer.

We knew that with DC’s Justice League movie being released we wanted to incorporate Knight Models in our box. If you are new to the hobby or unfamiliar with Knight Models, they specialise in DC comic’s universe and have just released the 2nd edition of their successful Batman miniature game, with all new resin miniatures!

We managed to snag all our Model Boxers an exclusive (at the time of the our boxes going out) resin Ben Affleck Batman miniature which was only ever available if you purchased the Suicide Squad boxed set (and also only in metal). You can see below how awesome the miniature is when painted up.


Moving on from one of the founding members of the Justice League we also included two valiant warriors of Justice from Frostgrave’s miniature range. Frostgrave is a skirmish game produced by Northstar Miniatures & Osprey Publishing . Frostgrave is set in the ruins of an ancient city which is has been covered in ice and snow for decades. Now, the ice and snow is thawing and it’s treasures are ripe for the taking. You control a warband comprising of a Wizard and his mercenaries to control and find as many treasures they can.

We included 2 noble Knights Templar in our boxes, for what is more iconic than a Knight when you hear the word Justice?


Our final Miniature in our Justice box needs no introduction….but He’s going to get one anyway!

If you are going to have a world that needs Justice then you will need a Judge to dispense it, a Judge that is the law…nay, above it! That’s right, Judge Dredd himself!

We were lucky enough to grab some variations of Judge Dredd from Wargames Foundry before they were discontinued, which means if you signed up to our Justice Box then you will be the lucky owner of your own Judge Dredd miniature which can no longer be purchased anywhere!

Below you can find the different variations of the Judge Dredd miniatures included in our box.

Foundry were also kind enough to send us a painting tutorial which we also included in our boxes.

We pretty much always include paint in our boxes but it can be quite difficult to find the perfect reason for why we chose that particular range or colours. We were quite excited when we teamed with Warcolours in November. The Justice box was the first time (but by no means the last) to include this excellent range of paints.

We hope you loved the Justice box as much as we did! The next 'What's In The Box?' will be talking about the contents of December's Banzai box at the end of the month!