What's in the Box - June War 2.0

Posted August 8th at 9:01am

June was a month of War, the second War box we've created thus becoming War 2.0.

I wanted this box to be bigger and better than the last and I feel, with the agreement of our Subscribers, that it was!

G.I Rox - The Model Box Fox

The second in our series of Rox miniatures is G.I Rox!

What is more epic than Rox brandishing a Thompson in US Marine uniform with a cigar in it's mouth?

Mathilde (Vae Victis Miniatures) has done a bang up job with this sculpt and Jonathan (Vae Victis Miniatures) has done an amazing job designing the Thompson Rifle. You can really get the feel that Rox is in the thick of it....and loving it!

Bolt Action Squad - Warlord Games

We have packed 1 of 9 different Bolt Action Squads in this box, from Australian Independent Commando Section to Merrill's Marauders! 

This is a great way to either start a new army or expand an army you may already have!

Stoessi's Heroes

Stoessi's Heroes is the product of Thomas Stoesser, who, in 2014, wanted to create high quality WW2 Characters.

His unique and epic style on real-life characters from Word War 2 is something to behold and hopefully you feel the same way and want to have yours painted up almost immediately.

Included in our War 2.0 Box was 1 of 18 variations of Stoessi's Heroes!

Acrylicos Vallejo

The month's paints were from Acrylicos Vallejo's Model Color range. The Model Color range is perfect for painting historical miniatures, primarily World War 2, but can of course be used on you sci-fi or fantasy miniatures!

If you like the look of G.I Rox, we will be adding it to the store soon!