What's in the Box - July Lost

Posted August 8th at 9:20am

In July we were Lost, we had ventured into uncharted land and stumbled across a lost world.

I wanted to convey the things I loved the most about Pulp B-movies I grew up watching when I was a child like 'The Lost World' and 'The Land That Time Forgot'

So it was absolutely necessary to include Pulp Figures in July's box!

Pulp Figures

Pulp Figures offers the best pulp genre miniatures in the industry and these sets were perfect for our Lost Box!

We included 1 of 5 sets from Pulp Figures from Safari in Danger to The Volcano Queen or Film Crew!

Snakemen Heritor or Warden - Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

You Can't expect to walk freely on a Lpst Island without bumping into some of the natives!

In this case we included Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago's Snakemen Heritor or Warden!

FGA is the new skirmish game from Osprey Publications and NorthStar Miniatures and is set in the world of Frostgrave on a set of mysterious islands and allows for players to take small warbands of explorers/treasure hunters etc who are looking for the mysterious Crystal Pool!

Magister Militum

Magister MIlitum are a small company operating out of Salisbury, UK and specialise in Historic miniatures including 10mm/15mm Pre-Historic miniatures!

We couldn't pass up the chance to include a Dino in our box! These dinos may be tiny against 28mm miniatures but they are full of character and a great way to get into smaller scale miniature painting

Serious-Play Scenics

Serious-Play Scenics specialises in modelling products and we decided to feature the Flower Tuft Diorama packs and come in multiple colours. Perfect for your explorers or to help unify warbands or dioramas.

Simply peel them off and stick to the base with PVA glue!

Instar Paints

We also included a brand new Paint range from an up and coming Paint company named Instar Paints. They boast to have near exact paint matches to Citadel Paints at a lower price!

We really enjoyed putting this box together and hope that our Subscribers loved it as much as we did!

Next month will be Post-Apocalyptic and will feature our 3rd Rox miniature!