What's in the Box - January Twisted History

Posted February 9th at 10:52am

Twisted History - January

Have you ever thought about what the outcome of World War 2 would have been had the victors been decided on who discovered Alien technology first?

Or what the fantasy universe of Orcs, Goblins and Dwarves would be like if it progressed from axes and swords to Thompson sub-machine guns and Panzerschrecks?

The January Twisted History Box explores just that!

The Minis

‘Secrets of The Third Reich’ by Westwind Productions

‘Secrets of The Third Reich’ is a 28mm Weird World War 2 miniatures game from Westwind Productions. Themed around World War 2, SoTR features a variety of miniatures from Zombies & Werewolves to technologically enhanced humans and men of steel.

You would have found one of a variety of miniatures pictured below in Your Model Box:

‘Savage Core’ by Lucid Eye Publications

‘Savage Core’ is a 28mm fast play, competitive pulp skirmish game beneath the surface of the Earth. Set in a primal land of savage warfare where clans battle for survival, they offer a variety of miniatures from Tribal warriors, Atlantean Soldiers, Nazi soldiers and Corelocks, the savage creatures native to the Earth’s Core.

I particularly love the themes around this game (as an avid fan of conspiracy theories) as this follows the idea that the Nazis discovered a world within our own Hollow Earth and retreated within until they amass a force big enough to resurface and try to take over the world!

We featured 1 of 3 miniatures we thought would be perfect for Your Model Box

Panzerfäuste by Hysterical Games (Model Box Exclusive Early Release)

Our featured Twisted History miniature is Bogglez-Wurf the Orc Pilot for Panzerfäuste, this model will be available to purchase in the future, but was made available early to Model Box subscribers, how awesome is that!?

Bogglez-Wurf the Orc Pilot is equipped with a pistol and a rather British…er..I mean Orcish Umbrella!

I love the universe behind Hysterical Games’ Panzerfäuste. They take the fantasy world of Orcs and Dwarves and push it forward a few thousand years! Creating a fresh new genre of “Hystorical” Fantasy gaming!

The Paints

We revisited fan favourite Warcolours in January’s Box. Warcolours paints are manufactured by hand in Nicosia, Cyprus, and are shipped worldwide. They have more than 20 years of experience in the paint industry and offer a great range of colours.

Bases – Micro Arts Studio

We also included a set of bases from Micro Arts Studio to fit with your miniatures too!

Rosemary & Co Model Box brush

We featured another great brush from our friends Rosemary & Co with our signature Model Box branding. Twisted History’s box came with a lovely size 0 paint brush made up of a mix of sable and synthetic hair to add that fine detail to your models.


We hope you loved January’s box as much as we did!