What's in the Box - Galactic February

Posted March 1st at 11:43am


What's in the Box?


It's been a while since we posted an article here. Model Box HQ has been pretty hectic in the past months so we have had to put the blog on the back burner.....but we're back!


To answer what the title so subtly asks, Last months box was Galactic themed so we scoured the galaxy for the best space themed miniatures we could get our hands on.

The Miniatures

Usually you would receive 1 or 2 separate miniatures from 2 different companies but we did something a little different for this box, you could say we aimed for the stars!

In the Galactic box you would have received an entire group of Destroyer-class ships from Spartan Games' 'Firestorm Armada'! That's 3 or 4 whopping Space Ships to add to your fleet or if you haven't got a fleet of your own yet, will be the beginning of your new galaxy spanning armada!

What is Firestorm Armada?

"Firestorm Armada puts you in the Admiral’s chair, commanding fleets of high quality Spartan Games miniatures. At your disposal are squadrons of starships ranging from small Frigates to gigantic Dreadnoughts. No matter the fleet, these ships are ready to receive your orders today and charge into battle."

Firestorm Armada is a space combat game that pits fleets against each other on the tabletop. But which fleet will you choose? Will it be the Terrans staunchly defending their territories or the Directorate out for profit through arms deals? Perhaps it will be the Dindrenzi seeking revenge for the destruction of their home world or the Relthoza looking to expand their empire.


In the galactic box you would have received 1 of 6 races:

Aquan Prime

“The Aquan Sebrutan – or ‘Union’ – is one of the oldest spacefaring powers. Its great ships have been sailing the void of space since long before humanity had even mapped the surface of Terra, let alone launched itself into the stars. The Sebrutan’s people are composed of many different sentient lifeforms, most aquatic, and some the products of genetic engineering.

Dindrenzi Federation

Despite existing as an independent stellar empire for little more than two centuries, the Dindrenzi Federation has risen to become one of the greatest powers of this galactic quadrant.
The Dindrenzi Federation was born of war, its people wresting the Outer Reach from suffocating Terran dominance. But the cost was high – their prized capital planet Dramos perished in Terran nuclear fire.

Sorylian Colective

The Sorylians are a race of sentient reptilians. Their stellar domain extends to the south of the Storm Zone, occupying a broad region of space between the Terran Alliance and the Dindrenzi Federation.

Terran Alliance

Many decades ago, the Terran Alliance governed all of human-controlled space – the greatest and most powerful astral empire in this galactic quadrant. This massive star-spanning dominion was tied together by an enormous network of high-speed communications beacons, giving it its other common name – the Terran Satellite Charter.

The Directorate

Deep in the Outer Reach, beyond the territory of the Dindrenzi state, lies the most advanced – and certainly the most sinister – human stellar dominion. This is the Directorate.

The Relthoza

The Relthoza are easily the most intimidating alien race encountered by humanity. Apparently evolved from social arachnoids, their very appearance is notoriously frightening to human eyes.



What else was in the Box?

If including an entire Destroyer Group was not Galactic enough we also introduced another Model Box first, fitting an entire tabletop game into your box. You read that right, an entire game!

Subscribers would also have received TTCombat’s Space Swarm Core Game.

“Space Swarm is a fast paced game of miniature spaceship combat that sets 2 players against each other in an easy to learn, quick to play tabletop game.
With rules that are designed to be simple and easy to learn, out-shoot, outmaneuver, and outnumber your opponents to secure victory. Use nimble but fragile Frigates, sturdy Cruisers, or powerful but slow Battleships. With access to powerful technology, The Alliance is able to stem the never-ending tide of of The Swarm, but it is only a matter of time before The Swarm overwhelms them.
Play with just the Core Game Set, or use multiple to play even bigger games, the Core Game Set provides you with everything you need to play, including the rules, range ruler, tokens, dice, scenery, and 24 un-assembled ship miniatures (12 Swarm, 12 Alliance).  The core game set is made from 3mm MDF.”

We cracked it open and got to work putting together the MDF miniatures to see just how big this little game really was and we were incredibly surprised!

On top of the miniatures and game set, subscribers would also have received 2 pots of paint from either Vallejo or Army Painter and also another stunning brush from Rosemary & Co custom engraved with our name on it!

How awesome was that!