What's in the Box - February Tales

Posted February 26th at 1:28pm

This month’s theme is Tales and features a set of miniatures based on one of my favourite tales of all time, ‘The Princess Bride’…..ok, so I haven’t read the book but the film is amazing!


Pirate Set by Antediluvian Miniatures

The Pirate Set by Antediluvian Miniatures features a simple rhyme loving giant, a swash buckling dread pirate, a vengeful Spaniard and a Sicilian Genius…Inconceivable!

'Nightfolk' by Northumbrian Miniatures

Your Model Box will also include a fantastic set of miniatures from Northumbrian Tin Soldier.

Best known for their ‘Nightfolk’ range and described as “Inspired by tales of faerie and fable, the latest Nightfolk fantasy miniatures are at once both whimsical and devilish.

Deliberately 'Old School' in style; and with an added twist of the bizarre.
Nightfolk will bring a touch of dark fantasy to your tabletop gaming

I absolutely love this range, they perfectly encapsulate the dark yet childish nature of the fantasy movies of the 80s 

Below you'll see just some of the miniatures you might have received in your box!

The Paint

we’ve included 2 pots of paint from Coat D’Arms’ Fantasy Range.

This is the first box to feature Coat D’Arms and we are happy to add another great paint range to our list of Paint suppliers!


What’s a tale without mushrooms?! 

You’ll find some basing mushrooms from Toad King Castings to help add some character to your scenery or bases

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