What's in the Box - December's Banzai Box

Posted December 29th at 3:50pm

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" - Sun Tzu - Art of War

December has come and with it our Banzai Box. We wanted to do something different this year with December (Last year was a festive themed box) and give you all a theme that was not to be expected for this time of year.

The Banzai Box is a celebration of all things Japanese. From the sheer beauty of Samurai armour and architecture to the fantastical mythology that has risen from Japanese culture, the Banzai box brings you the best you can get in the miniatures industry.

Enough about our reasons, here's what's in the box!

We featured TT Combat’s Eastern Empires which, depending on which kit you received contains 9 individual pieces, including:

4 x Short Lanterns (2 normal & 2 weathered)
2 x Small Zen Gardens
1 x Large Zen Garden
1 x Gong Arch (normal or weathered)
1 x Buddha Statue


4 x Tall Lanterns (2 normal & 2 weathered)
2 x Sake Barrels
2 x Stone Dog Statues (1 left & 1 right)
1 x Buddha Statue

These amazing miniatures are made from resin and look great painted up, a true must have for any Samurai themed table!

You would have also received a Bandits and Brigands set from Warlord Games’ Test of Honour. 3 amazingly detailed miniatures along with their cards which would be a great start to a Test of Honour warband.

Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a samurai hero along with one or two loyal samurai companions and a variety of clan soldiers.

Battles are swift and bloody as players alternate acting with one of their warriors – moving and fighting to achieve the objective of the scenario, whether that be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protecting a spy.

As you play through the scenarios your samurai will use new skills, and perhaps even take the shameful path of deceit and trickery to gain victory – such choices are the ultimate test of honour.”

You can’t have a Japanese themed box and not include GCT Studios’ Fantasy/Mythological Bushido miniatures. GCT Studios was founded in 2010 and have been going strong with their Bushido range.

 Bushido is an oriental fantasy tabletop miniature battle game for two players. Each player commands a force of no more than a handful of individuals, represented by 32mm metal miniatures. These forces meet on the battlefield and the commanders (the players, that is) try to outwit, outfight and outlive the opposing force and fulfil their battle objectives while denying the enemy theirs. If you have played tabletop miniature games before, Bushido falls into the ‘skirmish game’ category: all miniatures represent individuals and your force consists of a small group of unique characters rather than a big faceless army. A game of Bushido is fast-moving, flexible and filled with strategizing, counter-strategizing and counter-counter-strategizing. Your tactical acumen is important, but as dice add an element of randomness, so too is your ability to think on your feet. A typical game of Bushido takes between one and two hours to play – more if you are new to the game, less if you are a seasoned veteran.

You can see just some of the variations of miniatures you may have received

Our final miniature in our Banzai box is the Onna-Bugeisha from Bad Squiddo Games. We were quite excited to feature these miniatures in our box as they had only been released a few weeks before and make great additions to your collection or Samurai armies to add some era accurate female miniatures

Below you can see some of the variations in the mini you would have received.

And as it was Christmas we also through in a mini candy cane! We’re not the Grinch afterall!


Our next What’s in the Box? Will be covering the contents of our January Twisted History box!

See you soon!