What's in the Box - Bombshells April

Posted May 12th at 11:05am

This box is one of our all-time favourites!


Games like ‘Frostgrave’ and ‘Rogue Stars’ allow you to completely customise your warband, letting you include a variety of races and genders in your tabletop gaming. Wild West Exodus and Malifaux also have quite the extensive range of kick-ass females on their roster allowing female characters to be utilised. Even the big three are rolling out more complex and powerful characters. Its true, female miniatures are becoming more popular then ever!  And we felt it important to show off some of the best female miniatures in the industry.


The Bombshells box is here to celebrate women, all women. On one end of the scale is the hyper-sexualised style showcasing tight clothes and killer-heels and on the other side, realistic historical sculpts with era accurate clothing.


With so many female miniatures being manufactured it was difficult to decide who we would include. We knew we would be showcasing Bombshell Miniatures (how could we not? It’s in the name!) showing off their pulp sculpts of bad-ass females from both the Sci-Fi and Fantasy range. We wanted to give you all a variety of what they offer ranging from Tetsu Ko to Sally Starfield. Below you will see just a few of the selection of minis that were included in your boxes. Which one did you get?


We also included the beautiful sculpts of Raging Heroes and their ‘Toughest Girls in the Galaxy’ range. You would have received 1 of 4 miniatures from their sci-fi we chose . We were particularly eager to include ‘Tania Tanker’ who is sculpted based on the famous ‘We Can Do It!’ poster designed by J. Howard Miller which became one of the most iconic posters during World War II which inspired many women to join the work force. Below you will see the variations we offered in your boxes.

When it comes to female representation, Bad Squiddo Games, who specialise for offering believable female miniatures to the masses. We included her selection of Viking Shieldmaiden, beautifully sculpted to show just how strong and resilient the female Viking were. We also decided to include Bad Squiddo’s 2 variations of Historic Indian Gang Leader turned MP, Phoolan Devi the Bandit Queen.


Below you can see the selection of Bad Squiddo Miniatures.

Micro Art Studio were our featured bases for this box. They had such a wide range of resin bases we could not include all of them here but we suggest you definitely check out their site!

We also included our Season 2 Model Box pearl dice. With a limited amount of these we will surely be releasing season 3 dice rather quickly!

We hope you loved this box as much as we did and hope you are ready for the Barbaric Box coming your way soon!