What's in the Box - Barbaric May

Posted June 9th at 9:26am

We told you to sharpen your axes and we weren’t lying! Last month’s box was simply Barbaric so lets do as Barbarians do and CUT to the chase….

Hasslefree Miniatures – Barbarians

We have been eager to feature Hasslefree Miniatures in our box for quite a while and with an amazing selection of fantasy miniatures the Barbaric box was the perfect way to showcase their Barbarian minis.

You would have received 1 of 4 variations:

You can agree that these 4 are some of the best sculpted miniatures on the market and they certainly show off their Barbaric nature.


But that’s not the only Barbarian to feature in this box! We also included Cormac from Mierce Miniatures. This powerful warrior stands triumphantly with his long weapon over his shoulder and showing off his new trophy, the head of a recently killed beast!



What would a Barbaric box be without every Barbarian’s favourite decorative piece? That’s right, Skulls! Skulls galore, skulls for the skull throne if you will!

Greenstuff World offer resin skulls (either Ork or Human) and they are highly detailed for such small pieces. Each bag contains 100 resin skulls, that’s a Barbarian’s dream!

The final piece to finish off your Barbarian’s ensemble would be to bloody up that beautiful weapon of theirs. You would also have received Army Painter’s Glistening Blood effects paint or Vallejo’s Dried or Flesh blood effects paint. Either way, something’s getting bloody!

June’s theme is Wild West, check back in to see what’s inside.