What's in the Box - April Dungeon

Posted May 9th at 10:17am

Enter the Dungeon!

April has been a long time in the making. It's been a theme I have wanted to do for a while but held off on it for this moment, The release of our first Model Box Original Mascot Mini!

Now we did have an exclusive mini in October 2017 to celebrate our first year which was our Model Box Zombie Hand for Halloween (still available on our store) but April is the first month to include the first of a series of mascot minis in our boxes.

I will talk more about our Mascot and our minis in a separate blog post (after all, this is a What's in The Box article!) so I won't go into detail about our Model Box mascot here.

What's In the Box?

To kick off our content breakdown we'll start with something all Dungeon Explorers need, a lovely set of dice from:


DnDice are the perfect set for any RPG fans or for tabletop games which may need a more than a d6 ( Oathsworn Miniatures' Burrows & Badgers for example). We included a variation of 8 different colour sets from their Acrylic Alchemy range in your Model Box's so feel free to share your set with us on our Facebook Group or using the #yourmodelbox tag!


Dungeons can be filled with dark corridors so your games will need a few doorways or arches to create the right atmosphere! The Dungeon box included either a set of small Dungeon arches or 1 larger archway from Blotz , who supply fantastic MDF terrain for many game systems

DMB Games

All Dungeons need treasure so we included a great set of plaster chests from DMB Games to help incentivise your adventurers

Alternative Armies

Dungeons are dingy, dark places so don't be surprised when you come across Rats! We packed in 10 lovely metal rats from Alternative Armies to help keep your Dungeons looking authentic - something I learnt during the organisation of this box is that a group of rats are called a Mischief! you learn something new everyday!


Ral Partha Europe

What's a Dungeon without a nasty villain to fight?

We thought Ral Partha Europe's Dungeon Worm would be the perfect creature to give your adventurers a run for their money!

The Paint

It's obviously a tradition to include some paint in our boxes and the Dungeon Box would be no different!

April saw the return of Coat D'Arms Paints, as always each box included 2 pots from a variation of 8 different colours, which ones did you get?

And Finally

The Mascot!

I knew that I wanted our Mascot to encapsulate the Dungeon theme and while an Adventurer with sword and shield would have been the obvious choice I felt like the real winner would be that of the noble Wizard!

You'll notice that this Wizard is no normal wizard, no....this is our Model Box Fox!

Last year we asked our members what sort of character would they like to see be our Mascot and we loved the idea of having an anthropomorphic character and the best suggestion was the Model Box Fox!

As mentioned at the beginning, I will go into more about our Mascot in another blog post but above you can see a painted up version of what our members received in their Dungeon boxes.

Fun Fact: There are only currently 200 minis of the Wizard Fox in the world!

(don't worry if you missed it, we'll have a limited few available at UKGE 2018 and on our online store at the beginning of June)

That's enough from me, hope you enjoyed the read!