What Is in the Model Box - July - Flesh

Posted August 7th at 10:52am

Our first box rolled out in July and boy were we excited! Like proud parents,  we prepared our boxes and then when they were ready, sent them out into the world.

The Theme:
July's theme was Flesh and we wanted to make sure you received the best items revolving around....well Flesh!

The Miniatures:

It was always in our minds that our first box should showcase what we at Model Box are about, discovery! So we chose to showcase 2 miniatures from manufacturers you might not have known about.

The first mini we decided to go for, from the very beginning, was Icarus Miniatures' Feral Nexus. Icarus Miniatures has recently turned 1 (Happy Birthday!) and provide some exceptional models.

Icarus Miniatures - Feral Nexus 02

"Feral Nexus are particularly savage creatures that specialize in close combat, and can often be found eating the flesh of their enemies"

We chose the Feral Nexus to allow you to paint different tones of flesh with this fantastic alien. Will yours be dark red or light blue? And don't get us started on that dynamic pose!

Scibor Miniatures - Wild Warrior Dwarf

The second miniature we chose is by Scibor Miniatures. Some of you may already know who Scibor are, but we found that a lot of hobbyists are yet to discover their awesome minis.

We chose the Wild Warriors because of the sheer amount of flesh on show! Look at those muscles!

The Paints:

Vallejo are one of the biggest paint manufacturers in the industry so we would be crazy to not showcase their Flesh paint range in our box! Each box contained 3 different flesh tone paints, one from their 'model colour' collection and two from their 'game colour' collection.

The Brush:

We threw in Army Painter's Character Brush in to allow you to paint your minis with one of the best brushes you could get! This is not your average brush!

The Basing Materials:

As well as the brush we also added Army Painters 'Summer Undergrowth' in to allow you to base your minis. While it is not exactly flesh themed, the summer undergrowth will be a nice colour to contrast with the flesh tones in the box.

The Dice:

Who doesn't like dice? We sent all our subscribers Model Box branded dice, gently brushed with the good luck to allow for all the 6s you deserve!






August's Theme is Suicide Squad. And while the pre-order window is closed for it, you can read about the contents next month!