What's in the Box? - Cyber Punk April

Posted May 8th at 10:17am

What's In The Box? Cyber Punk AprilEverything inside the April Model BoxCyber RoxCyber Rox has undergone some of the most extensive surgeries and implants to ensure survival in the dark but vibrant future. From a robotic arm and ear to Rox’s Augmented sight. Rox is kitted out for most situat...

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What's in the Box? - Medieval March

Posted May 8th at 10:04am

What's in the Box - Medieval MarchIn May we visited the Medieval Period and with that, plenty of Medieval minis and accessories !Sir Rox The KnightRox the Knight packs so much detail it’s difficult to spot them all through your first inspection.There are the 2 paintbrushes crossed on Rox’s ches...

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Tales of Budget Warlords - Month 2

Posted May 3rd at 8:27pm

Tales of Budget Warlords - Month 2It’s the second month for our Budget Warlords to hunt down the best deals and add some troops to our Budget Army.For some of our lists the second month means we needed to work on a unit whilst for others it meant working on a regiment.Here are how our Budget Warlord...

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Tales of the Budget Warlords - Month 1

Posted March 31st at 8:08pm

MONTH ONE - HEROESI'm guessing you have read the intro article...if not then get over there and give it a read!If you have, well, I guess it's time to introduce the Budget Warlords and what they are working on Our Budget Warlords: Jamie: Well, I am proud to present the first part of my ...

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Tales of the Budget Warlords -Intro

Posted March 31st at 7:57pm

A Tale of Budget Warlords challenge – What is it? You May already be aware of the premise of the ‘Tale of Four Warlords’ however for the sake of those who don’t I’ll take a moment to explain   The ‘Tales of Four Warlords’ challenge is a set of articles by Games Workshop which famously ...

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What's in the Box? Mortal Gods February 2019

Posted March 31st at 5:32pm

What's in the Box? Mortal Gods FebruaryA brief look at the contents of February's boxHoplite Rox - Model Box ExclusiveEvery month, our members will recieve a bonus limited edition mini based on our mascot Rox and themed around the theme of the current Month's box. Hoplite Rox highligh...

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What's in the Box? Scifi January 2019

Posted March 31st at 5:19pm

What's in the Box? Scifi January A brief look at the contents of January's box   Space Trooper Rox - Model Box Exclusive Every month this year members will recieve a bonus mini in their boxes which will be themed around that month's theme based on the mascot created by ...

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What's in the Box? Swashbuckling December

Posted January 24th at 2:39pm

Swashbuckling December Box ContentsEverything we included in our December Box1x Captain Rox - Limited Edition Model Box MiniIn 2018 we introduced our own Model Box Mascot, Rox the Model Box Fox, and released an exclusive resin miniature every 2 months !1 x Legendary Commander - Blood & Plund...

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What's in the Box? November Dwarves

Posted January 24th at 2:19pm

November Dwarves Box ContentEverything you got in the Dwarves Box1 x Male Dwarf - Atlantis MiniaturesAtlantis Miniatures are one of the best companies in the industry for Dwarf miniatures and there work speaks for itself! 1x Dwarf (1 of 3) - Titan WargamesTitan Wargames are a small British ...

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What's In The Box - Horror October

Posted November 1st at 7:59am

What's In The Box?Horror OctoberOctober Is one of our favourite month's to prepare and this year we had a whopper of a box for you all.While it may look a little light on the content the entire box was completely EXCLUSIVE to Model Box members! In this box we included not only the 4th of o...

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What's In the Box - Norse September

Posted November 1st at 7:39am

What's In The Box?Norse SeptemberSeptember was the month we faced an awesome invasion from the Barbaric Norsemen! Everyone loves Vikings, there is something about the raw, barbaric nature of this brave warriors that lights a fire in our imaginations! Whether it's thinking about the impres...

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What's in the Box - Post-Apocalyptic August

Posted September 3rd at 2:17pm

What's in the Box?August was the month for survivors, survivors of apocalypse.I've wanted to do a Post-Apocalyptic box for a very long time and was so excited to send this one out to our subscribers.Below you will find the content of the August 2018 Post-Apocalyptic box:Mad Rox - The Model...

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What's in the Box - July Lost

Posted August 8th at 9:20am

In July we were Lost, we had ventured into uncharted land and stumbled across a lost world.I wanted to convey the things I loved the most about Pulp B-movies I grew up watching when I was a child like 'The Lost World' and 'The Land That Time Forgot'So it was absolutely necessary ...

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What's in the Box - June War 2.0

Posted August 8th at 9:01am

June was a month of War, the second War box we've created thus becoming War 2.0.I wanted this box to be bigger and better than the last and I feel, with the agreement of our Subscribers, that it was!G.I Rox - The Model Box FoxThe second in our series of Rox miniatures is G.I Rox!What is more ep...

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What's in the Box - May Myths & Legends

Posted May 25th at 2:58pm

May is the month of Myths & Legends so expect to find only the most legendary and mythical items in your Model Box!Dark Fable MiniaturesDark Fable Miniatures is a British company coming out of Yorkshire. The focus for Dark Fables miniatures are a range of characters from the Ancient Egyptian...

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Making A Mascot - The Model Box Fox

Posted May 10th at 9:10am

The Idea From the very beginning I knew I wanted to be able to offer our members exclusive miniatures they can’t get anywhere else whilst offering an interesting and unique style which would hopefully inspire them to try new things.So I am so excited to be able to bring these ideas to life just in ...

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What's in the Box - April Dungeon

Posted May 9th at 10:17am

Enter the Dungeon!April has been a long time in the making. It's been a theme I have wanted to do for a while but held off on it for this moment, The release of our first Model Box Original Mascot Mini!Now we did have an exclusive mini in October 2017 to celebrate our first year which was our M...

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What's in the Box - March Invasion

Posted May 1st at 9:00am

In March we saw an invading force of Model Box sweep across the Planet!What's In The Box?The First WaveThe first wave consisted saw a set of Vehicles from TTCombat's Dropzone Commander, the 10mm wargame set in a Universe where Mankind has embarked on an ambitious invasion of the central pl...

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What's in the Box - February Tales

Posted February 26th at 1:28pm

This month’s theme is Tales and features a set of miniatures based on one of my favourite tales of all time, ‘The Princess Bride’…..ok, so I haven’t read the book but the film is amazing!   Pirate Set by Antediluvian Miniatures The Pirate Set by Antediluvian Miniatures features a s...

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What's in the Box - January Twisted History

Posted February 9th at 10:52am

Twisted History - January Have you ever thought about what the outcome of World War 2 would have been had the victors been decided on who discovered Alien technology first? Or what the fantasy universe of Orcs, Goblins and Dwarves would be like if it progressed from axes and swords to Thompson sub...

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What's in the Box - December's Banzai Box

Posted December 29th at 3:50pm

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting" - Sun Tzu - Art of War December has come and with it our Banzai Box. We wanted to do something different this year with December (Last year was a festive themed box) and give you all a theme that was not to be expected for th...

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What's in the Box - Justice November

Posted December 6th at 1:35pm

What's In The Box - JusticeThe hobby is dangerous, the tabletop is treacherous and the dice seek Justice. November’s theme was Justice and to celebrate we included some of the most noble warriors of Justice our hobby had to offer. We knew that with DC’s Justice League movie being released we ...

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What's in the Box - Orctober

Posted November 8th at 2:13pm

We wanted your friends to be green with envy when you received your Model Box last month, so we decided to make it all about those big green mean machines, the Orcs! That’s right, October was ORCtober for Model Box and we wanted to make it special. We knew that everyone has a particular preferen...

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What's in the Box - September Slam

Posted October 3rd at 9:51am

September’s theme was Slam and focused around the dangerous and entertaining sports in the fantasy worlds of tabletop gaming. We knew we would be featuring Fantasy Football (as it’s the most popular sport across the land) however we absolutely had to feature fantasy wrestling which has all the vi...

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What's in the Box - Mech August

Posted September 6th at 8:13am

Do you feel the rumbling? Do you hear the slow booming sounds? Can you see the vibrating ripples in your water pot? That’s the sound of our Mech box at your door! That’s right, August saw in the month of the Mech. Giant, lumbering hunks of metal and mayhem on the battlefield and now, on your pain...

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What's in the Box - Suit Up July

Posted August 1st at 11:53am

Alright Soldiers, Some of you worms may have received your rations in the mail. So now you want to know a little more about what you got in your boxes.   July’s box was themed ‘Suit Up’ and focuses on having the best gear for the battlefield. From the best tech and weapons to the best a...

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What's in the Box - Wild West June

Posted July 25th at 7:05am

The feeling of excitement and the rush of blood as you venture into the unknown, I’m not just talking about the feelings you get opening your Model Box, I’m talking about the feeling you get when traversing the Wild West….why you may ask? Because it was the theme of June’s Model Box! Why the Wild...

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What's in the Box - Barbaric May

Posted June 9th at 9:26am

We told you to sharpen your axes and we weren’t lying! Last month’s box was simply Barbaric so lets do as Barbarians do and CUT to the chase…. Hasslefree Miniatures – Barbarians We have been eager to feature Hasslefree Miniatures in our box for quite a while and with an amazing selection of fant...

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What's in the Box - Bombshells April

Posted May 12th at 11:05am

This box is one of our all-time favourites!   Games like ‘Frostgrave’ and ‘Rogue Stars’ allow you to completely customise your warband, letting you include a variety of races and genders in your tabletop gaming. Wild West Exodus and Malifaux also have quite the extensive range of kick-a...

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What's in the Box - March War

Posted April 5th at 10:00am

This month was a month of War! As we entered March our boxes MARCHED into your homes and invaded your imaginations (see what we did there?) With ‘War’ being a fairly broad theme it was easy to decide the overall genre of miniatures and war-games systems. What could be bigger than the biggest and ...

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What's in the Box - Galactic February

Posted March 1st at 11:43am

  What's in the Box?   It's been a while since we posted an article here. Model Box HQ has been pretty hectic in the past months so we have had to put the blog on the back burner.....but we're back!   To answer what the title so subtly asks, Last mont...

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What's in the box ?-Sci-fi September

Posted October 30th at 2:44pm

The Sci-fi September box is in your possession and its out of this world! -Did you see what I did? We are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us- Neil deGrasse Tyson. Perhaps this is why we look to the st...

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In The Model Box - August - Suicide Squad

Posted September 9th at 2:29pm

In The Box: August was well and truly the month that screamed Suicide Squad! So why shouldn’t Model Box join in? Last month’s box contained some amazing products from Knight Models and two fantastic paints by Army painter. All of the Knight Model products are from their awesome Batman miniature gam...

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What Is in the Model Box - July - Flesh

Posted August 7th at 10:52am

Our first box rolled out in July and boy were we excited! Like proud parents,  we prepared our boxes and then when they were ready, sent them out into the world.The Theme:July's theme was Flesh and we wanted to make sure you received the best items revolving around....well Flesh! The M...

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What Is Model Box?

Posted July 9th at 11:16am

A lot of people ask us what we are. It's quite simple really, we are the box that will allow you to discover more about the great hobby that is miniature painting/ wargaming and collecting!You may be familiar with subscription boxes like Loot Crate, Graze or Glossy Box. In which case you unders...

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